Fiber Cement Board

Peakon High Density Reinforced Dark Gray Fiber Cement Board Cladding

Item No.: Peakon-FCB 1400 Dark Gray
​​​​​​​Peakon FCB-1400 dark gray fiber cement board , non-combustible , combining weather, moisture and fire resistance properties with high impact strength and sound insulation. Easy to install and cut .
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Peakon Dark Gray Fiber Cement Board Cladding

Raw material:

(1) High strength cement:The cement applied to Peakon products are the top-ranking cement which can effectively improve the boards' strength and service life.

(2) Imported plant fiber:The plant fiber applied to Peakon products are all pure natural fiber imported directly from the countries with the least pollution in the world. The fiber are ultra-long and ultra-strong, which provides solid foundation for the boards' high strength, toughness and long service life.

(3) Quartz:The quartz applied to Peakon products are of silicon up to 95%, which are pure natural material, 100% free from artificial additives. The more silicon the quartz contain, the harder and the whiter the boards will become.

(4) High purity  hydrated lime:hydrated lime applied to Peakon products have the highest sedimentation value in the same industry in China,  which can effectively improve the flexural strength and fire proof performance.

Fiber cement boards are a good substrate for the application of various decorative coatings.

Safe & Environmental:
No heavy metals, no solvents, no formaldehydes, no potentially hazardous chemicals. Do not contain or emit noxious substances during processing or operation.

Fire Resistance:
Non-combustible A1, non-fire spreading, no smoke .

Resist to Weather Conditions:
Fiber cement boards may be used at -50 degree to +80 degree, with their quality and dimensions always remaining stable regardless of temperature and humidity .

100% Recyclable Material:
The factory assists in recycling of its product at the end of lifecycle .


*Structurally Strong
*Fire Resistance (Class A)
*Excellent Thermal Insulation
*100% Non Asbestos
*Excellent Sound Insulation Propertiyes
*Moisture Proof
*Fungus and Termite Resistant
*Resistant to Vermin Attach
*User Friendly and Easy to Install
*Safe and Environmental
*Cost Effective

Size:2440 x 1220mm / 2400*1200mm
Thickness: 4-25mm
Tolerance: length & wideth: ±3mm, thickness:±0.2mm, diagonal error≤5mm
Density: 1400Kg/m3
Color: Dark Gray
Surface Finish : natural or sanded texture
Edge: Square, recessed is available if need

Water Absorption Rate: <45%
Wet Expansion Rate: <0.25%
Bending Strength: >15Mpa
Thermal Conductive Index: <0.2W/mk 
Fireproof Level: A1
Asbestos: Non-asbestos


Interiro or exterior wall decoration
Cladding,  paneling


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