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Peakon High Density Exterior Cladding Red Color Fiber Cement Board

Item No.: Peakon-FCB 1400 Red
Peakon-FCB 1400 Red Color
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Peakon Red Color Fiber Cement Board for Exterior Wall Cladding

Peakon high density reinforced fiber cement board is made of high-quality cement, fiber, quartz & hydrated lime.

(1) High strength cement:The cement applied to Peakon products are the top-ranking cement which can effectively improve the boards' strength and service life.

(2) Imported plant fiber:The plant fiber applied to Peakon products is all pure natural fiber imported directly from the countries with the least pollution in the world. The fiber is ultra-long and ultra-strong, which provides a solid foundation for the boards' high strength, toughness, and long service life.

(3) Quartz:The quartz applied to Peakon products are of silicon up to 95%, which are a purely natural material, 100% free from artificial additives. The more silicon the quartz contains, the harder and the whiter the boards will become.

(4) High purity hydrated lime:hydrated lime applied to Peakon products have the highest sedimentation value in the same industry in China,  which can effectively improve the flexural strength and fireproof performance.


Safe & Environmental:
No heavy metals, no solvents, no formaldehyde, no potentially hazardous chemicals. Do not contain or emit noxious substances during processing or operation.

Fire Resistance:
Non-combustible A1, non-fire spreading, no smoke.

Resist to Weather Conditions:
Fiber cement boards may be used at -50 degrees to +80 degrees, with their quality and dimensions, always remaining stable regardless of temperature and humidity.

100% Recyclable Material:
The factory assists in recycling its product at the end of the lifecycle.

*Structurally Strong
*Fire Resistance (Class A)
*Excellent Thermal Insulation
*100% Non Asbestos
*Excellent Sound Insulation Propertiyes
*Moisture Proof
*Fungus and Termite Resistant
*Resistant to Vermin Attach
*User Friendly and Easy to Install
*Safe and Environmental
*Cost Effective

Size:2440 x 1220mm / 2400*1200mm
Thickness: 4-25mm
Tolerance: length & width: ±3mm, thickness:±0.2mm, diagonal error≤5mm
Density: 1400Kg/m3
Color: Yellow
Surface Finish: sanded texture
Edge: Square, recessed is available if need

Water Absorption Rate: <45%
Wet Expansion Rate: <0.25%
Bending Strength: >15Mpa
Thermal Conductive Index: <0.2W/mk 
Fireproof Level: A1
Asbestos: Non-asbestos


Exterior wall decoration
Interior wall decoration


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