Diatomite Soap Dish

Peakon Non-slip Water Absorbent 100% Human Made Diatomite Soap Dish

Item No.: Human Made Soap Dish
*Diatomite material - 100% Man made from natural diatomite , non chemical substance, safe, tasteless and dry fast.
*Water absorb from the soap washing a face
Description Package

100% Human Made Diatomite Soap Dish 

The product, processed by 100% handmade and made from natural diatomite, clay & zeolite. It’s natural, environmental, elegant and unique. In terms of design, the soap is hard to slide out because of the concave design which reflects Diatomite’s pursuit and attention to details. Compared to other traditional soap holders, our product made of diatomite can quickly absorb the excess moisture of the soap, keep the soap dry and prevent the soap from contaminating the washstand. Besides, it will extend the service life of soap make people feel more convenient once used.


* Excellent Water Absorption                                * Easy to Clean
* Heat Resistant                                                  * Eco-friendly
* Mildew Proof                                                     * Formaldehyde Decomposition 
* Non Slip                                                           * Dray Fast
* Antibacterial                                                     * Deodorization 

Diatomite Soap Dish Video

Clean & Maintainace:

Easy to clean, when there are stains, wash with running water, wipe with a wet sponge or sandpaper gently grinding the surface until the stubborn stains removed, and then air dry naturally. Soap dish will quickly refresh itself with excellent performance.
Do not exposure in the sunshine.

Shape & Size
Size:100*100mm (Square)                                     Diameter: 100mm (Round)
Thickness: 12mm                                                   Thickness: 12mm

Water Absorption Step


White, blue , green & pink or custom design



Product Name:  diatomite soap dish
Material: 60% diatomaceous earth, zeolite, clay
Color: white, pink, blue , green
Size: 100*100mm (square);  diameter 100mm (round)
Thickness: 12mm
Package: 1pc/color box
Net Weight/pc: 160 g (round),  200 g (square)





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