Diatomite Egg Fridge Deodorizer Reusable Moisture Absorber for Refrigerator

Item No.: Diatomite Egg
Material: diatomite, zeolite, bamboo charcoal
Size: 45*45*60mm
Weight: 96g per 1 egg
4 eggs with package: 390 g
Safety and Quality Testing: Pass the test and the certification of ROSH of SGS in Switzerland

About Diatomite Deodorizing Egg

*Our Diatomite Deodorizing Egg is an egg-shaped odor and moisture absorber. This can be used all around your household, including refrigerator, food cupboard, shoe rack, and wardrobe.
*Diatomite is a natural and environmentally friendly material that has amazing deodorizing and humidity regulation.

Material: Made of natural diatomaceous earth, non-chemical properties, safe and non-toxic.
Deodorization: Diatomite can quickly absorb odors and inhibit bacterial growth. 
Water Absorption: Diatomite has a porous structure, giving it super absorbent properties, allowing it to maintain a dry state due to its humidity control.
Stands Up: Little and lovely egg shape with a flat bottom. This egg can stand in a variety of places.
Reusable & Easy to Clean: Simply wash it with water when it is dirty. If there is some dirt that is difficult to remove, gently wipe and clean it with sandpaper, then let dry in the sun.
*After 30 days of use, it needs to be air-dried outdoors, which allows it to restore its absorption performance.

How To Use:
Just place the Diatomite Deodorizing Egg in your fridge, cupboard, shoe rack, or wardrobe to eliminate any unpleasant odors and moisture.
*It can be washed with water and reused.
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