Diatomite Coaster

Square Non-slip Heat Resistance Water Absorption Diatomite Coaster

Item No.: Coaster-100*100*9mm
*Diatomite material - Made from natural diatomite, non-chemical substance, safe, tasteless and dry fast.
*Absorb and contain moisture - It absorbs spills and condensates from glass and protects furniture from water stains and damage.
*Heat resistance
Description Package

Square Non-slip Heat Resistance Water Absorption Diatomite Coaster

This is a high-quality diatomite coaster,which is made of the diatomaceous earth that from nature. It is a new trendy fashion of modern,stylish, and green way of living. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural material and acts like a sponge, due to its porous properties. make it refresh and dry itself in a short time and also has the functions of dehumidification, deodorization, air purification and so on.

Environmental friendly materials.Easy to use, maintain and clean. No more worries about the water dripping spots, germ growth, or frequent tough cleaning of coaster.


* Excellent Water Absorption                                * Easy to Clean
* Heat Resistant                                                  * Eco-friendly
* Mildew Proof                                                     * Formaldehyde Decomposition 
* Non Slip                                                           * Dry Fast
* Antibacterial                                                     * Deodorization 

Clean & Maintainance:

Easy to clean, when there are stains, wash with running water, wipe with a wet sponge or sandpaper gently grinding the surface until the stubborn stains removed, and then air dry naturally. Coaster will quickly refresh itself with excellent performance.
Do not exposure in the sunshine.

Shape & Size
Shape: square (with 2 engraved lines to lock water easily)
Size:100*100mm (Square)                                    
Thickness: 9mm                                                     

Water Absorption in 30 Seconds

Diatomite Coaster VS Common Coaster

Colors: Gray, blue, green, pink

Package photo: 



Product Name:  diatomite coaster
Material: 60% diatomaceous earth, green material
Color: plain, printed or custom design
Size: 100*100mm (square);  diameter 100mm (round)
Thickness: 9mm
Package: 1pc/color box, 300pcs/carton
Net Weight/pc: 96g
Gross Weight/carton: 29kg
Carton Size: 44*34*30.5cm (0.046CBM)




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