Peakon-1000 Muti-function Construction Calcium Silicate Board

Non-combustible Muti-purposed Passive Fire Protection Calcium Silicate Board

Item No.: Peakon-1000
1: Passive fire protection board to supply 120-180mins fire resistance.
2: Impact resistance, water resistance
3: High temperature to 1000 degree
4: Easy to install to save labor cost
5: Durability for 20 years
Description Features Technical Data Application

Peakon-1000  autoclaved calcium silicate board is made of cement, quartz, hydrated lime, mica & fiber,
Peakon-1000 is an easy to install, non-combustible board, combining fire, moisture and impact resistance
with thermal insulation properties. It provides up to 120 mines - 180 mins fire resistance, density 1000kg/m3.

Peakon-1000 is off-white in color. One face is smooth, the other face is natural. If need, we can produce a sanded
surface to meet the requirement. It is a versatile and lightweight board but has the required strength for a wide
range of fire passive fire protection projects, including firewalls, ceilings, duct, structural steel protection, wire protection,
fireplace and semi-exposed applications.

● High strength    ● EN13501-1 Fire-resistant (A1)    
● Blast resistant   ● Weather-resistant  
● Vermin resistant   ● Acoustic insulation  
● Chemical stability   ● Easy to install  
● Smooth surface      ● Durability for more than 20 years
● Impact-resistant ● Flexibility     
● Asbestos-free   ● Moisture-proof   
● Lightweight ● Safe & environmental

Size: 2400*1200mm / 2400*1200
Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm
Tolerance: Length, Width: ±3mm; Thickness:±0.2mm; Maximum diagonal error:≦5mm
Density: 1000kg/m3
Color: Off-white
Surface Finish: Front face: smooth; Back face: natural or sanded texture
Fire Resistance: Non-combustible A1, EN13501-1, BS 476
Moisture Content: ≦10%
Water Absorption: ≦45%
Moisture Movement: ≦0.25%
Thermal Conductivity: ≦0.30W/(m·K)
Impact Resistance: ≥2.0 KJ/m2
Flexural Strength:  Across grain: 11.2MPa,  Along grain: 7.6
Formaldehyde Emission: 0.1mg/m3
Asbestos Content: Non-Asbestos, AS 4964

● Entertainment venues
● Hospitality and conference facilities
● Retail and shopping malls
● Commercial buildings and offices
● Education institutions
● Health care and leisure
● Industrial 
● Restaurants and hotels
● Residential properties

● Metro / Subway

Application 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 20mm
Internal partition    


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